Starting with a modest beginning as a trekking guide and climber Since 1988 Mr. Karna Bahadur Lama has been the backbone not only to our office but also a prominent figure in Nepal Tourism. A dynamic Tourism activist, he held an office as a former District Development Committee in kavre for five years since 1994-1999. His insights and in depth understanding in this sector both inside and abroad has helped in the framing of various tourism policy and products as cannoning ,caving, climbing and adventure tourism in Nepal working closely with various Developing Partners and national-international organizations. Mr. Karna Lama NCA founder member and treasurer has held various positions in various regulatory offices as Member of Nepal Mountain Association monitoring code of conduct. TAAN executive member2005-2007, secretory of Executive committee, 2015-2017 General secretary.

He has been a principal advocate for people who devoted and or loss life in the Toursim sector in Nepal with the commemoration of a memorial park. His concept was formally acknowledge and foundation laid currently by the Nepal government in Timal kave.