Trekking Expedition in Tibet

Awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries, exotic ancient cities, hidden valleys.

Trekking & Tours in Tibet

Tibet is an Autonomous Region of China and a land of Buddhism with a history of some 1300 years. It possesses awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries, exotic ancient cities, hidden valleys and century old caravan trails; often known as roof of the world since it lies on a high plateau and offers totally unique experiences. The majority of the people are involved in animal husbandry and farming. The holiest mountain Mt. Kailash 6714m which lies in western Tibet and is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Hindus, Jains, Bon practitioners and Buddhists. No doubt it is the destination for the ultimate adventure seeker and full of enchantment & tantalizing mystery.

The following are our featured Everest Package Tours, and please note that the time indicated next to each is measured with your well-being in mind and slight adjustments might be made during the time of trekking:

Trekking Expedtion in Tibet

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