Special & Restricted Region Trekking

Special & Restricted Amazing, Wild & Hidden

Other Special Region Trekking

Those who want to trek to less touristy regions and have a more genuine experience have a chance to explore these special places. A trek here may offer unusual flora and fauna, exotic culture and particularly different landscapes from those more commonly seen in Nepal. Add to this exceptional views, alpine wilderness and cultural encounters in unspoiled villages and it is easy to see why these places are becoming more popular. Sometimes there are new lodges and in other areas only camping is possible. The fully supported camping treks cost more than treks on lodge-based routes. Facilities will be fewer and farther between if not completely absent, requiring self-sufficiency. The unsurpassed beauty of the Himalaya and its rich cultural heritage make for a genuine adventure. We will take care of all your needs. The reward will be a unique experience in remote and serene settings that will yield a lifetime of memories.

Special & Restricted Region Trekking

Trekking Packages We Offer in Special & Restricted Regions of Nepal


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